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Real Estate Consulting:

As your personal advisor, I define myself as your coordinator in a real-estate transaction. I am not a real-estate agent !

Buying or leasing commercial real-estate in a foreign country requires many factors to be considered:

It all starts with the search for the right property. Together with you I define the utilization-profile of your ideal commercial real-estate: Accessibility, shape and infrastructure need to be evaluated as well as operating costs and future expansion. With your guidelines in mind, I do an in-depth screening of the building and the surrounding area. Where needed, I appoint surveyors or other relevant experts to ensure that your acquisition is a safe one !

Furthermore, I negotiate all contracts for you and ensure that the relevant documentation is complete. Finally - based on my long-term contacts with German banks - I can facilitate the finance, if needed.

If required by law, I can act as your local delegate / trustee.

From the initial contact with the property to the signed purchase or lease-contract: You will get everything from one hand !



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